Sunday, 30 July 2017

WYCRA Tribute Top Ten: Goodbye

As many of you will know, the blogging firmament shines a little less brightly this weekend after the combined talents behind the excellent When You Can't Remember Anything made the decision to hang up their hats last week. JC, the Blogfather, has the full story here.

While I fully respect the reasons Badger, SWC and KC decided to call it a day, I'll still miss their blog a lot... and I was a pretty recent convert, so I imagine those of you who have been following their adventures for longer will be even more devastated.

Anyway, I threw out an idle suggestion in the comments of my own last post and C encouraged me to run with it (so blame her for this, not me). My favourite WYCRA feature, and one of the few blog posts that ever caused me to get out of bed earlier on a weekend, was The Saturday Song Challenge. Here, the guys would select a word (usually one word, occasionally a phrase) and encourage people to suggest songs with that exact title. Then they'd give out points to the best guesses, both from the five they'd pre-selected and for any new ones they liked the sound of. To be fair, the scoring system all got a bit crazy, and the comments section became a competitive free-for-all, but it was one of the most fun series in the blogosphere... at least until Jez resurrects The Chain.

So, in tribute, I thought I'd do something similar. Just as a one off. And as it would be way too disrespectful to steal the WYCRA idea outright, I've adapted it slightly.

And so, I present to you... My Top Ten Goodbye Songs...











No, I haven't forgotten to fill in the titles and artists. I want you to do that. I have a list, and I will give out points. In a crazy, ramshackle way I'm sure the WYCRA people would appreciate.

1 point for every one of my songs you identify.

2 points if you can guess a song's position in my Top Ten.

1 bonus point if you suggest a song that's better than one in my Top Ten.

The only rule is, it's got to be called Goodbye... and nothing else. So no Goodbye To Love, Hello Goodbye or Goodbye Girl. Just Goodbye.



  1. Always sad when blogs decide to quit. Has happened to me more times than I care to admit. But it doesn't mean the end if you keep in touch on facebook or they pop in and comment occasionally.

    I can come up with three:
    Goodbye by The Sundays
    Goodbye by The Spice Girls
    Goodbye by Mary Hopkin

  2. Off the top of my head I've got Mary Hopkin (or preferably Macca's demo) No.5, Shed Seven No.10, The Coral No.3 and The Sundays No.2. I'd like to think that you might include 'Gudbuy Gudbuy' by Slade too, but I might be pushing my luck. I'll have a think overnight and return if I can come up with any more.
    Farewell WYCRA, you'll be missed.

  3. Goodbye songs? Off the top of my head...

    Goodbye Goodbye -- Oingo Boingo (great closing song in Fast Times at Ridgemont High)
    Say Hello, Wave Goodbye -- Soft Cell
    Auf Wiedersehen -- Cheap Trick
    Last Goodbye -- Altered Images
    See You Later Alligator -- Bill Hailey and His Comets
    Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye -- Bananarama

    Best of luck to the team at WYCRA!

  4. Oops. Just caught your goodbye rule. Sorry, Rol. Goodbye.

  5. I may come back but Goodbye Mr MacKenzie will do for starters

  6. Oops - just read Brian's comment

  7. Goodbye - Steve Earle from Train a Coming

  8. On further inspection, I have Goodbye's in my collection from The Universe and Jon-Rae & The River, neither of which i'd guess will feature in your Top Ten. Two that I think might make the cut though, would be Kevin Shields' instrumental piece of the same name from Lost in Translation (I'm guessing No.9) and Peter Cook & Dudley Moore's regular Not Only But Also show-ender, which I think could even be your suitably irreverent chart-topper.

    We're leaving now,
    We wish you all goodbye
    Fartatata, fartatata..

  9. Glad you decided to do this, Rol, a fitting tribute to a fine blog and especially as many of us are suffering withdrawal symptoms from our Saturday morning mental workout. That said I can't for the life of me think of anything other than the Spice Girls, already mentioned, and then asked Mr SDS who suggested Mary Hopkin (whom I had forgotten, but should've remembered as I had a crush on her when I was a wee bathmat, although not a big crush as I was to have on Bobbie Gentry.) Anyway Mary's already been mentioned too so it seems no points for me on the artists alone. However - to Part 2 of your challenge - where might they be in your chart, if at all?
    I'll go for Spice Girls being at No.7 and Mary Hopkin being at No. 3.

  10. Damn, I'm always too late to the party with these things. The Swede has beaten me to Goodbye by Pete and Dud, which should surely scoop all the points from everyone, everywhere, ever...

    1. That definitely has to be Number 1...

    2. It does, doesn't it. But to get some points, I'd better pad out my submission. Rol doesn't seem to like the Spice Girls, so I'd better go with:

      1. Pete and Dud
      2. The Sundays
      3. Frank Sinatra (from Frank Sinatra Sings For Only The Lonely)
      4. The Coral
      5. Elton John (from Madman Across The Water)
      6. Mary Hopkin
      7. Pretenders
      8. Northern Uproar
      9. Def Leppard
      10. Air Supply

    3. Ah - at last, The Swede has some competition!

      Ashamed to admit I'm not familiar with the Air Supply song though...

    4. Don't feel shame, feel fortunate!

  11. Thanks for playing along guys. I reckon you've spotted about half the Top Ten so far... still points to be had though!

  12. Norther Uproar? Revolver? The Pretenders? I reckon Air Supply and Def Leppard could be in with a shout too. I'm having a quiet day at home, can you tell? So, to summarise my predictions....
    1. Pete & Dud
    2. The Sundays
    3. The Coral
    4. Def Leppard
    5. Mary Hopkin/Paul McCartney
    6. Air Supply
    7. Northern Uproar
    8. The Pretenders
    9. Kevin Shields
    10. Shed Seven

    1. You're doing better than most... but there's no extra points to be had there, I'm afraid.

  13. I have cheated big time. I found four that seem a bit unlikely but what do I know?! These are Miley Cyrus, Avril Lavigne, MO and Alicia Keys... hmm, no idea!

  14. Can I throw Mary Gauthier into the mix?
    Fairly confident she will be in the upper echelons - number 4 perhaps

  15. I love the fact that my musical tastes are so unpredictable, even to those of you who've been reading this rubbish for a while now...


    1. Well, I do like this performance from the aforementioned Danish songstress!

  16. Seems like I am always too late and The Swede had named it all in a row I can agree. The only one I can add is Tracy Chapman, a song that was played often in my town long long years gone by.-

  17. I remember the WYCRA team from the days of The Chain and although I did drop by their blog sometimes, and was mighty impressed, didn't ever feel confident enough about leaving a comment as our music just didn't overlap enough, and they were all quite a bit younger (and cooler) than I. I have however, read about the sad demise of their blog and although I don't know the exact reasons why, I cannot help thinking that many of us put ourselves under too much pressure to deliver regular posts when there really is no need. I freely admit to being addicted to this virtual world but the number of hours put in has to be at the expense of something else and sadly that is often time spent with the family and effort put into "paid" work.

    I have voiced this concern over at my place and have had some excellent feedback and advice on the matter (from Jez of Chain fame and Mr Medd) - Sorry to get all serious here Rol (and yes I do worry about your prolific output sometimes) but just wanted to reiterate the wise advise that these places are ours to do with what we want - No one who values what we do will not return just because we've missed a few days (or weeks) of posting new stuff, and if we don't drop by the other blogs for a week or two, it will just be because we are busy with other things, no biggie. The whole FOMO thing I left Facebook for, kind of raises it's head on the blogosphere too I feel, BUT, absolutely no need. I worried about Jez with The Chain long before he went on hiatus with it as I knew just how much of his week must have been spent on it - We must make sure that our enthusiasm and praise, along with the eagerness to join in a regular feature, never puts untoward pressure on the blogger(s) at the sharp end. Either that or spot the early warning signs, that things are amiss.

    Anyway sorry to get all serious in this fun feature but been thinking about it all a lot - It's Spice Girls and Avril Lavigne from me at Nos. 3 and 7 respectively. As for MO, I have no idea either but just wish I had copied CC's MO when I started all this. The master of the short and pithy post and the short and pithy comment - A model daily blogger!

    1. Thanks, Alyson. I agree, of course, which is why my summer posting has been reduced... although I still intend to get back up to speed again soon.

      I really don't know why you all think I'm a Spice Girls fan though... even I draw the line SOMEWHERE!

    2. Yes, sorry I filled up the space but I know the impact it's had on my life and was concerned - As I said the time has to come from somewhere and my paid work has definitely suffered.

      So, the line is drawn at Posh, Scary, Sporty, Baby and Ginger then - Now we know!

  18. Goodbye - Elton John (Madman Across The Water)


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